ParentSquare Tips for Staff

About ParentSquare

ParentSquare is a unified communication platform that offers a host of tools that allows district, school administrators, and teachers to more effectively communicate and engage with families and students. Some features include:

  • Mass notifications and Urgent Alerts with two-way communication

  • Mobile application for administrators and parents (iOS and Android)

  • Attendance notifications

  • Teacher and classroom communication

  • Direct Messaging with two-way translation

  • Forms and Permission Slips

  • Appointment Sign Ups (parent-teacher conferences, technology pick-ups) 

  • Calendar and RSVP

  • Volunteering and classroom sign-ups

  • And so much more!

Accessing ParentSquare

All staff members are connected to ParentSquare through their Worcester Public Schools Gmail accounts.

From a web browser, simply visit ParentSquare's website, then click "Sign in with Google."

We also encourage all staff to download the ParentSquare smartphone app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

You will receive notifications from WPS even if you do not download the ParentSquare app.

Please make sure you adjust your notification settings to control how often you receive message alerts.

Quick Start Guide

  • Start by clicking ‘New Post’ button to send any message to your class/grade. Send plain messages, events, volunteer requests or share pictures and files.

  • On ‘New Post’ page, use the language translation option to automatically send messages in two languages to parents: English and their home language.

  • Click ‘# Notified’ next to the eye at the bottom of the post to make sure your post reached every single student family in your class. If a parent does not have an email address, they are automatically sent a text. Parents can also download the app.

  • Have questions? Click the question mark in the top right corner of the desktop version or the Help tab on the app (tap the triple bar icon at the top left), and select ‘Help Articles’ to find answers to most of your questions.

ParentSquare Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

ParentSquare Pitfall

Why it doesn’t work

What to do instead

Attaching a pdf

PDFs are a pain, usually not ADA compliant, and sometimes impossible to view on a phone. 

Type what you want to say directly in the body of your post or message.

“Commenting” instead of “replying” on a post.

Parents won’t see what you wrote if you comment under their question on a post.

Make sure to click the “reply” button under their comment and type in the “reply” box so they can see your answer.

Typing in ALL CAPS

People with visual impairments will hear this as an acronym, which is super annoying.

Use bold, underlining, italics, different color fonts, or larger text to emphasize your points. (Just make sure to use darker colors that are easily read)

Including a .jpg with words in it (flier)

Fliers are so 2010. They’re meant to be printed on paper, not read on a tiny phone screen. Plus, they’re not ADA-compliant.

Type (or copy & paste) the information directly in the body of your post. Insert a picture or graphic with no more than 5 words.

Adding a QR code to your post

QR codes bridge the gap between the real world and the internet. You can’t scan a QR code that’s displayed on your phone.

Use a good old-fashion link. Make sure to name the link to indicate it’s destination, rather than making the entire URL visible to the reader.

Not including alt text for images

People with visual impairments won’t know what you posted.

When you add an image, click the “i” in the drop-down box to add a sentence briefly describing what’s happening in the photo.

Failing to use all the available tools

Post Add-ons like “RSVP,” “Forms,” “Ask for Items,” and “Request Volunteers” are there to make your job easier.

ParentSquare has lots of great tools, so use them!

Asking for a student or parent’s name, grade and class in Forms

ParentSquare already knows this information and includes in it your spreadsheet. No need to ask twice!

Use ParentSquare forms instead of Google Forms to make it easier for parents. Fewer questions and more convenient. Learn more about forms and permission slips here.

Not adding events to your calendar

Adding events to the calendar makes it easy for parents to see what’s coming up. You can also include RSVP and automatic reminders so they don’t forget!

For school-wide events, ask your school secretary to add it to the school’s calendar. For classroom or private events, use the “Calendar Entry” in Post Add-ons. You can also link it to your Google Calendar, if you have one. Learn how to link your Google Calendar in ParentSquare.


When parents are bombarded with too many messages, they start to tune out and end up missing important information.

Create a regular cadence for classroom communications – once a week or once a month, with all the important updates for your class. Use “Messages” to communicate with individual parents about their child’s achievements.

Explore ParentSquare

Check Class Roster

Click ‘Directory’ and select your class from the drop-down menu towards the top right to access your class.

Add Class Events

On the calendar page, click on the date or a date range for your field trip/event and add details.

Upload Photos

Click ‘New Post’. Click the icon on the left sidebar to select files or photos to add.

Create a Post

Click ‘New Post’ to create a post. Select classes or groups, fill in a short subject and description and click ‘Post’.

Send Direct Message

Click on ‘Messages’ in the sidebar. Then ‘New message’. Click to select students or type names to message.

Request Volunteers

Click ‘New Post’ and on the left sidebar, click the icon to request volunteers.