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Teaching and Learning Division

In the Worcester Public Schools (WPS), our mission is to ensure all scholars graduate with future-ready skills in order to succeed in a rapidly changing world. 

The Teaching and Learning Division is led by Dr. Marie Morse, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning. It includes several district departments that work in close collaboration with our teachers and school leaders. 

Vision of a Learner

The Vision of a Learner (VOL) encompasses skills and dispositions that we strive for all scholars to possess upon graduation:

  • Problem Solver

  • Curious Learner

  • Empowered Individual

  • Effective Communicator

  • Engaged Community Member

Learn more about Vision of a Learner.

Quadrant Teams (Q-Teams)

WPS has a geographically-based service delivery model to provide instructional support to schools. View district map.

The city’s school district is divided into four quadrants: North, South, Doherty, and Burncoat. The schools in each quadrant are assigned one “Quadrant Team,” or “Q Team,” with designated staff members from the following departments:

  • Culture and Climate Office

  • Educational Technology Department

  • Multilingual Education Department

  • Special Education Department

  • Focused Instructional Coaches

  • Curriculum and Professional Development Office

Each quadrant is led by an Executive Director, who are the supervisors of schools in their respective district quadrants:

In a large district such as WPS, the Q-Team model allows schools to receive more individualized support and the opportunity to build stronger relationships with district staff and nearby schools. The model was launched in 2023 under the leadership of Superintendent Rachel H. Monárrez, PhD, whose goal was to ensure support staff spent more time working directly in schools, and building relationships with smaller groups of schools, to lead to greater outcomes for students.

Curriculum Liaisons

Curriculum Liaisons oversee core content areas and provide instructional support for schools on how to teach lessons from their respective curriculums.

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Academic Excellence

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